Installation Guides


Please, read the Installation Guides carefully. If you're facing a problem, read it again !

In the rare case that the scenario won't run at all, contact the webmaster.

Note, that the installation guide for "Panzer General 3D" will include advices for 

both Panzer General "Scorched Earth" and Panzer General 3D "Assault".





Attention: The games "Pacific General" und "Panzer General 2" 

were also released in german versions (called "Pazifik Admiral" and "Panzer General 3D").

These updates here, are for use with the english (US or UK) versions ONLY !

Please change to the german version of Herr General to download the updates for the german versions !



Scenario Design


The files were available in *.txt and MS Word 97 / 2003 format.


Versions Overview

  All "Panzer General" games in detail

All versions of the "Panzer General" games series are described in detail.


Pictures & Videos


Some interesting pictures / paintings of soldiers, weapons etc. (jpg)

Two color videos (mp4) comple the offer.



You'll get Herr General at:







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