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Scenario Pool

These scenarios are written by myself:


Beirut El Agheila Malta Wake Island
Clipperton Gibraltar Midway


Dunkirk Halfaya Pass Pantelleria  
Dyle Kurland Three Bridges  


The following scenarios are from different authors.

I just collected them and post them here on my website:


Aachen Demjansk Korea '46 Okinawa Spain Spring '43
Alaska Denmark Kreta '41 Operation Ring Spain Winter '43
Albania '40 Dieppe Krim '44 Pakfront Stalingrad '42
Arnhem Dieppe 2 Kursk Poland '39 St. Mère Eglise
Äthiopien Diversion '44 Leningrad '42 Poland '39 (2) Stop the Wehrmacht
Atlantic Alert Dogger Bank Leningrad '44 Poland ‘39 (PG2 Look) Suez
Austria Drive to Stalingrad Lwow Poland '45 Supercharge
Azores Ethiopia Lybia Primasole Bridge Sweden
Baku Oil ‘38 Falaise Lybia '40 Rathaus Sweden ‘44
Balkan 1912 Falkland ‘14 Malaysia Rhine Syria
Balkan '44 Falkland ‘82 Malta 2 Russia 1941 Tank Divisions
Barbarossa '42 Fall Grün Masuria San Francisco Tannenberg 1914
Berlin '46 France '44 Midway 2 Sarik Tobruk
Bilbao Gallipoli 1915 Midway 3 Scipios Kin  Typhoon
Bir Hacheim Gazalla Monte Cassino Serbia 1914 Ural
Bismarck Gothic Line '44 Motti Sevastopol Utah Beach
Bragation Greek Islands Narvik Sevastopol '44 Viking
Cityfight Holland '40 Narvik '40 Southern France '40 Volchow
Carentan Iceland ‘41 Nikopolis Southern France ‘40 II Warsaw Uprising
Cassino Icering Norway Soviet Winter Offensive '42 Winterstorm
China '38 Isernia Oahu Spain '38 Ypres 1915
Czech Italy '43 Oder Spain '40 Zitadelle




Campaign Pool


New Campaign 1939 V 6.0 

(38 scenarios)

New Campaign 1939

(38 scenarios)

Pro Campaign 1939

(38 scenarios)

PG REAL 6.4 Campaign

(38 scenarios)

Russian Campaign

(9 scenarios)

Finnish Campaign

(3 scenarios)

Elite Core Campaign

(38 scenarios)

American Campaign

(7 scenarios)

French Campaign

(38 scenarios)

Rommel, the desertfox Campaign

(8 scenarios)

Eastfront Campaign

(18 scenarios)

Fortress Europe Campaign

(7 scenarios)

Kaiser General Campaign

(38 scenarios)

Podhorsky's Campaign

(38 scenarios)

Wolf's Campaign

(38 scenarios)






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