Five Star & Living Battlefield Links


The Wargamer

(the TOP site with big scenario archiv

nearly as big as HERR GENERAL)


Der Grenadier

(the best german site, also other games,



Steve Brown's PG2 Campaign Page

(THE best site for PG 2 campaigns)



(a very good site for high quality PG 2 scenarios)


The Panzer General Zerstörer

(one of the best sites for the 5 Star and LB series)


Steve Strayer's Pacific General Armory site

(best adress for Pacific General,

the best new equipment file, cool Steve !)


Lasse Jensens Page PG 2 Builders Paradise

(a paradise for the PG 2 scenario designer, taking a look is a MUST)


Santiago Vidal‘s Custom PG Scenarios

(many, many custom scenarios...Top quality !)


Rhino Bones Custom PG Scenarios

(more scenarios, esp. WW I)


Die Waffenkammer

(the author of many PG 2 campaigns...)


Jens Panzer General II Site


Michael's Military History / Gaming Page


Andrews Strategy Page


History General


Panzer Liga

(nice page, take a look)


Dirk Hermann's Allied General Page


Marco Carstensen's PG/AG Page


David Smid's PG/AG site

(a veteran of the scene !)


Panzer General Homepage

(a PG encyclopedia & much pics)


Panzer General (DOS) Research Center


Michael König’s Panzer Page

(looking for a PBEM opponent ?)


Erik Tan‘s Panzer Comand Center


SSI's Panzer General III Scorched Earth Homepage



(expanding page with much tools)


Purg‘s Panzer General 2 Homepage


PanzerStef PG2 Site

( cool links, take a look !)


Parker's PG2 & PeoGen Tactics


Kovi's Rugged Defense for PG2


The PG2 Discussion Forum


Oronzo's PG2 Page


Gerold Treitler's Panzer General Page


The Amazing Hauptquartier


The General's Guild Wargaming Club

(the leading wargamer club, FREE)





World War II & Amored Vehicles Links

Gray's Panzer Net


Achtung Panzer !

(many, many links)


AFV News


Heavy Metall

(much pics of tanks)


The Italian WW2 Tank Corps


Tanks on the Prowl


Hanomag SdKfz 251


The Armor Archive


Technical Virtue


WWII Links

(`many links for WW2 themes)


U.S. Marine Corps in WW2

(detailled, but cool !)


World War II Info


The World at War 1939-1945


The Japanese Navy Page


World War II Landweapons


Beaufighter Strike Squadron


World War II Armed Forces


US Marine Raider Page


The Polish Campaign


Operation Barbarossa


The French Campaign





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