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the largest archive for Panzer General, Allied General, Pacific General,

Panzer General 2, Peoples General, Panzer General 3D "Assault" 

and Panzer General 3 "Scorched Earth" custom scenarios

on the whole web.


The "dissapeared menu issue" is fixed now!


You'll find more than 2600 scenarios, all written by enthusiastic fans.  

I've designed 39 scenarios and a small campaign myself, all of them with a new map.  

Furthermore, you'll find all the tools needed for writing your own scenarios.


Note, that all new stuff concerning Panzer General 3 "Scorched Earth" is covered by the

Panzer General 3D "Assault" section, because  Panzer General 3 "Scorched Earth" is not an 

independent game itself, but a variant of Panzer General 3D "Assault" playing on the Eastern front.


The Herr General website is dedicated to fans of strategy games only. 

All strayed Nazi pricks have to move their asses right out of here !


By the way, my name is Dirk Cremer

and I hope you'll enjoy visting my website !






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